Mission Accomplished!

You will recall that I had a few items on the list this weekend.

A quick surf - this one didn't work out like I planned as morning wind a bit of rain was enough to keep me in my bed until mid morning.

Plant the garden - this worked out a little better!

Added the compost and turned over everything

Three Sun Gold tomatoes (across the front)
Two Heirloom tomatoes (second row)
Greens (Swiss Chard, Mustard greens and Collards) middle back row
Herbs (Basil (for the pizza!) French Thyme (non daylight savings variety) on the right
Celery (back row left) did you know Huntington Beach used to be the celery capital?

Still to plant - climbing snap peas on the wire fence in the middle and a row of Sunflowers across the back.

Now it just a matter of putting my heating pad on 11 and settling in to read and wait for the rain!


Mateo said…
Cool, reminds me i have "red venture" celery seeds to plant..

picked up some cool toms today from the arboretum....
john said…
good job on the planting. So is the heating pad now for preventive maintenance or is it still in the healing and restoration mode???!!!
pranaglider said…
I have a deep and personal relationship with my heating pad, something that goes beyond healing or maintenance, it's something no doubt illegal in some states and akin to having a barometer implanted in my lower spine. One day I hope to own a heating pad that goes up to eleven!
El Serracho! said…
whoa, isnt this early for tomatoes?

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