The cocooning continues

That really hard for me to to say.

Babbage difference engine

The weather this weekend is "variable" as they like to say in the weather forecast biz, with a "chance" of rain on Saturday and rain "likely" on Sunday.

Just when on Sunday is still up for debate and depends largely on how far north you are.

I just ask the magic 9 ball.

It says, "if you go outside and get wet, it's raining".

So the Plan A as we laughing like to call it is to sneak in a surf on Saturday morning then plant all the nursery items we purchased last weekend

Then collapse in a horizontal state and recuperate all day on Sunday.

I have a couple of  books for Sundays' horizontal-ness.

I haven't read this one yet

I hear that it's good, all steam punky and all.

Now here on 23B,

the "All Neil All the Time" station,

is something going out to all our friends to ease you into whatever you have planed

Love the lap steel guitar

Have a nice weekend!


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