/*23 Breaths: More Exciting Blade Runner Details**/

Monday, March 7, 2011

More Exciting Blade Runner Details*

leaking out of the top secret contract negotiations,

at an undisclosed location with some of the Hollywood elite.

Kendog's management team have leaked a few of the perks he requires to star in the upcoming remake of Blade Runner.

Ken requires that the water at Malibu be cleared every morning at dawn.

He doesn't intend to surf at that time but he does meditate on the "true meaning of life at lower inflation levels" every morning and all those people splashing in the water "harsh his vibe".

The producers felt it would be no problem to clear the water.

Kendog also asked for, and got several shooting variances in the script.  If the hills behind Malibu were to burst into flame as they are wont to do, primary shooting for any scenes scheduled for Malibu will be immediately moved to Rincon.  (A backup villa on the point has already been leased for Kendog and his entourage).  The reason behind the move was not security or the possible health and safety risks for the cast and crew, but Ken was adamant that no dust settle on his new Maybach. (Also a perk from the production company)

Ken is quite taken with the car which he describes as, "almost as good as a mat!" but not quite as good as his regular car known as the "Bat Mobile".

Bone Yard Productions which is filling the executive production role on the project has been a hotbed of activity as of late.

Here two of the company's high level executives take a break from counting the bales of cash that movie executives had sent over before the negotiations, "just to make sure everyone is in a good frame of mind".

Several new roles on the production team have been inked since our last update.

Dirk Brandt will be serving as the films director.  A great choice considering his string of past hits and his experience working with Kendog. Asked how much money Dirk was getting for the project he replied, " imagine the biggest number you can think of ... and then double it!"

The mysterious Greyman productions will be handling the international distribution for the film. When we asked him for a quote he corrected our previous information and stated for the record that he would be handling international and interstellar movie distribution as this "movie is gonna be big baby big!" When we asked for additional information he responded, "no big ting man, the UK crew got skills!" and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tom Threinen has signed on as script consultant, cinematographer and director of 2D and 3D media. This was a surprise move by the studio but one that will assure the look of the movie is true to it roots.  The announcement set off a flurry of speculation as to if Don Redondo would make an appearance in the film.
When asked what the producers offered to lure him back to the coast after his long hiatus in the desert, he simply replied, "I just had a craving for some of Rosa's Hotsauce and I just can't get it in Henderson".

*If you didn't read Friday's post this one will make less sense than usual so start there then read this one.