Darker than the inside of a Cow

The best thing about having kids is that I could return to spending Saturday mornings parked in front of the TV watching cartoons.

Ren and Stimpy would terrify any child I know. Adults will find it incredibly strange and hysterically funny. It's hard to find an example that covers the range of this show, Powder Toast Man, Scottish Haggus man, and who could forget Log or the lumberjack song!

Rocko his dog, his friends and neighbors living in O'Town and keepin' it real. Not quite as edgy as Ren and Stimpy but bizarre in it's normalcy.

Real Monsters, once again not as edgy as Ren and Stimpy but there is something you have to love about a character that juggles his own eye balls!

Angry Beavers, what more can you say? The old episodes are more difficult to get than an interview with Thomas Pynchon!  The Halloween episode is legend! The kids can watch it while you roll on the ground in tears of laughter!


mrmike said…
I thaught I was the only person over 50 that liked REN AND STIMPY
pranaglider said…
We gather in a little corner of COMIC CON, hold hands and sing the lumber jack song.
Matt23 said…
Just getting into rastamouse myself.
Piskian said…
Rubber Nipple Salesmen?!
Ask Dr Stupid?
Classic.Only "Trapdoor"comes close.
chelsea said…
Sponge Bob is pretty good.

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