Pool Toy Story 3

This kid grew up to ride the Wedge on a similar inflatable  

told ya

It's time to plan this years SoCal mat meet.

This years gathering will be called Pool Toy Story 3.

Since we bring such a wide variety of mats together
(I think all the mat manufactures will be represented)

any color you want as long as it's blue and red with a white rope

I would like to encourage everyone to ride a variety of mats and I would  like to facilitate a short mat review post surf.

This is the vibe at the mat meets

I will post up the more lucid descriptions as an independent reference for 23B readers.
(I am taking suggestions for review questions so if you want to know about relative volumes or traction now is your chance)

The idea is to give someone who is "mat curious" about getting a surf mat some idea about the relative strengths of the various models.

for instance this one has a cup holder for your favorite beverage

It also gives me a place to direct all the people who want to know why they should get a good mat and not just spend 10 dollars on an Intex.

I like this one but it only comes in black and white

So if you are going to be in the San Diego area in the August / September time frame shoot me an email at  pranaglider at hotmail dot com and I'll keep you on the mailing list for this years event.

Big week ahead

South Swell filling in this week

ComicCon starts Thursday

and the Tour continues in the Pyrenees and finishes up in Paris next weekend.

One more thing

I think we can trace Lance Armstrongs problems in this years tour to a splash too much milk in his fruit loops and drinking crappy lite beer.

Or maybe it's the other way around

(there was a very funny parody of this commercial up on youtube last night but is has been disappeared)

Anyway Lance is a great rider and I hope he is enjoying his tour.


pranaglider said…
this mornings surf report
the new south swell has arrived but is accompanied by some south wind as well. Looks fun but a bit bumpy

I've stuck this on the UK Mat Surfers site here:


Good luck!


Has thus happened? Is it happening?


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