The Sky is Blue

I just wanted to pass that along
It has been so long I had forgotten

Mark Thompson passed along a great batch of shots of his MT5 in action

I will post some more in the coming days

Here is a blue sky shot for any of you who, like myself haven't seen it in a while

There is some swell(s) in the water so you may want to investigate the local nooks and crannies

(does this mean the beach is like an English muffin?)

The wind seemed to lay down toward sunset last night

We are due for some summer weather


Surfsister said…
I know!! I got up and actually saw sky rather than gray outside. I didn't want to jinx it so didn't run to the door to take a good look. I just kind of snuck up to the door and took a quiet little peek. Look!! There's the sun! Someone must have paid the ransom!
pranaglider said…
SurfSis, Down here there doesn't seem to be much wind either! Ha! Ransom paid in 23Breaths Bucks. I have an interview this morning or I could give the surf report. Anyone actually see it this morning?
pranaglider said…
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Matt said…
Nooks and crannies havent got much to do with scones, although we do have rock cakes.
Brine Time said…
That is one inspiring and awesome photo!!!!!!
Yew Meter in the red zone.
big thanks

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