Sun missing, Foul play suspected, Bummer

lo-tech hi-Joy has a few thoughts on his new MT5 as compared to his new 4GF Tracker RoundTail.  It seems that, like our hard board brethren we are headed toward a "quiver approach" to matting. Even though mats are variable they are not, at least for the moment infinitely variable so it doesn't seem unreasonably that you might have one mat to ride the mush, prefer a different one for larger surf and have a special one reserved for when things get hollow.

This certainly depends on the range of surf in your area and on your travels. I have gotten by with one mat for years but the addition of a new one has let me have something different to ride which is always nice.

I for one, have other problems as I am still looking for the sunshine which seems to be totally absent in these usually temperate summer climes.
I have taken to staring at the device pictured below just to get adequate Vitamin D.

As you all know, the great sun travels through the sky on a seven horse chariot, its arrival heralded by the beauty of the Dawn. As the sun moves through the heavens in each season, it is accompanied by a set of hermits, gandharvas or flying musicians, celestial maidens, serpents, and giants who sit as envoys on the chariot. 

I fear that someone in this heavenly court  has kidnapped the sun,
and may be holding him for a ransom.     

What form that ransom may take, I have no idea.  I am sure that our collective governments will attend to the matter as soon as some other issues are attended to. In the case of the US government this may mean taking action on unemployment, the financial markets and the catastrophe in the Gulf.  But first they have to get back from their vacation.  (Blocking progress is such trying work)

Until the sun is back in it usual place in the sky, there is nothing but a hole where the sun goes



LESider said…
I now have 4 different mats and in doing so can't really see the need for more than 2 mats. I got my second so I would have something for friends to use and the following two were out of curiosity. I think I may have found my single favorite mat so far and the rest will be for sharing and maybe a change of pace every once and a while.
pranaglider said…
News flash! After a quick surf check, (blown out and overcast), I when home to do some gardening. The sun is out! OMG, I have a shadow! Now I have to find my sun glasses, I misplaced them weeks ago and until today there hasn't been a need for them.

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