Friday July 30th 2010

Zorro goes surfing

Miscellaneous Notes
“It’s cold outside
It’s windy
the surf is getting worse
and I’m putting on a cold still wet wetsuit”

I wrote that last winter.
I didn’t date that comment in my journal
Probably around January
booties and the legs of your full suit never seem to dry completely
from one go out to the next
for about three months

 Today it’s warm
 Its not too windy
And the coconut wireless is calling for a couple of southies

Better or worse?
(who can tell the difference)

(Did you know, in some places, a “southie” is a bad thing?)

As with all things you read on the internet
we’ll just have to wait and see with the swell

I just stopped writing to go outside to watch some pirates fly by
Does anyone know why they squawk as they fly?
Ummm no, not pirates but parrots flew by.
Thank you MSWord auto spelling correction!

 I really liked the clip of Mark Andreini surfing somewhere down south at Gnargnar’s SURFAPIG site
good surfing, nice board!

Surf report
The surf is one to three feet out of the south west
The wind is calm(er) in the morning with southwest winds increasing in the afternoon
Low tide in the morning  (6:15 .07ft) and high tide in the early afternoon (12:44 4.5ft)
The water is cool for this time of year at 62 degrees
Late night and early morning low clouds

Movie news
Over at Surfmatters the surf mat movie pot is beginning to simmer, soon to be at full boil I think.

I want to know where to buy a ticket right now
but these things take time and I'll just have to wait.

I have been trying to think of a title and so far I kinda like


But then I call my surfmat a Prana Glider and my blog 23Breaths
so my ability to come up with good marketing names for things
is sort of suspect
(Maybe the description offbeat is a better way of saying it)

More Misc
I have the first line of my epic surf noir novel.

"There are 5 Summer Stories in the Big City
this is one of them."

Now I just have to write the rest, 

apparently it involves Zorro.

Maybe Don Diego de la Vega 

KP is a vaquero and I see mats in his orbit so maybe it's not too far fetched.

Maybe Zorro as a masked toxic advenger 

(What was the name of the guy on horseback that shows up towards the end in Edward Abbys' "The Monkey Wrench Gang"?) 

How cool is this!
I just got an email advertising a showing of  John Serversons "Pacific Vibrations" at the US Open of Surfing.

The End

Have a nice Friday and a good week end.


baldingboarder said…
MWGang answer-seldom seen smith?
pranaglider said…
BB - I had to do some research (my copy is out on loan) but the character I was thinking of is Jack Burns. A character from a previous Abbey novel (Brave Cowboy) that has a small part in MWG.

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