So many good things

All this new summer heat has pushed the Plumeria to bloom out.  Find some, put your nose in there and breathe deep.  Truly intoxicating in all the finest sense of the word.

More good news

PendoFlex Fridays

Pendoflex Friday, surf and talk story, Cardiff Reef on Friday, July 16th at 8 AM. Bring yours and/or come and borrow a Pendoflex and have fun. Shortboards, longboards, fish, and duckies
(Cher assures me that she and Steve bring there mats everywhere too)  As I type this you still have an hour and a half to get there.


I'm not sure which will be more interesting. New works by Tyler Warren or the rent a cops reaction when the band takes the stage before a crowd oiled up on Primo.  BTW Crystal Court has some interesting vibrational properties. Even on a good day the place shakes like a plate of jello on top of an alarm clock.  When the band(s) crank it up, anything could happen.

More good news but still ugly

So after almost three months of oil gushing from the BP well deep in the Gulf of Mexico the flow has been stopped.  Now starts the decades of clean up.  Maybe they need a better handle on these deep wells before they drill any more.

Drill Baby Drill?  
hmmm maybe not.  
How about " let's develop energy sources that don't blow up or ruin the environment when things go south and we have been too busy counting dollars and getting tax breaks to have a viable disaster recovery plan" ?

I know it does have the same ring, and it doesn't have that sound bite cadence to it but I think it has potential.

That's it for the Friday edition.

Breathe deep and enjoy the weekend!


pranaglider said…
surf report, looks smaller and a little windier than yesterday
Thanks for posting about Pendoflex Friday. We missed you. Yes, Steve and I did bring our mats, as we do take them everywhere we go and they were ridden, too. It was a gorgeous day with beautiful friends and waves, lots of fun sharing enjoyed by all. Stoked!
Aloha, Cher and Steve

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