OK so you have stuck with me

on Monday when I talked about something not mat related
(Tour Day France and a reference to the Alps when I should have said the Pyranees)

On Tuesday when I talked about something not mat related
(Gardening and the Felco #2)

And Wednesday when I just phoned in something 
You guessed it, that  was not mat related
(The Quicksilver Messenger Service, which I really do like BTW)

So today, on what is it Thursday already?
I give you the long awaited link to the

Thanks for hanging in there!

So get in the  water!


pranaglider said…
Surf Report - The wind stayed down for the first time in weeks this morning resulting in fun glassy peaks. woohoo
Brine Time said…
Friday now over here. Col. Bleak, but at least the weekend is here - time to wax on, wax off. Get wet - glide far.
wavechild said…
Whoo-hoo! Thanks for posting this, I placed my order!

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