Attention Earthlings!

and other 23Breaths readers
(you know who you are!)

I will be out of contact for a couple of days

because of a road trip

I'll be on with my family

I don't want anyone to think I did something weird and got a job or something!
(There was something on the horizon but that opportunity fell out of the sky like a dead crow.  Bummer)

If anyone can do something about the lack of sunshine

I would appreciate it

PS I'm heading to SD everyday and the camera comes along so I'll try to bring back something interesting!
There maybe some late night postings.

(That the mat and fins are coming along, doesn't need to be said)

One more thing

I need some dates from you who want to attend the upcoming socal mat meet. 
I'm thinking sometime in August.


pranaglider said…
morning surf report - I didn't check it. I know there's swell but it been sprinkling all morning when has meant south winds so far this summer(?) and I just didn't want to waste the gas.

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