The Life of a Wave

Somewhere, in the south seas

a storm had transfered some of its energy

to the water

and a wave was born

this wave would have a long and interesting life

as waves go

traveling past many island chains

some of its life force spent on coral reefs

sometimes moving thru deep water

past South America and much of Mexico

always moving forward

never resting

and when I met this wave and rode it toward shore

I almost pulled out early

after the bottom turn

the little run on the inside

but I rode this one to shore

to be there are the end

of the voyage

the life of a wave


PG said…
And the life of a wave continues long after it has washed up on the physical and spiritual energy it transmits to those who watch them and ride them.

Truly amazing!
Vyusher La Kali said…
Certainly a pivotal moment in our lives as we get to witness a cycle that was started when time began.

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