We are gonna need a bigger boat!

As is my fourth O July tradition,

I spend a couple of days clearing the decks and getting ready for the all day block party my neighbors hold on our 10 house cul-de-sack in CM.

CM is one of the last cities that allow the sale of  "safe and sane" fireworks so the kids will, once again, will be without eye brows for another six months.

Part of my tradition is to skip the beach entirely and wait until the 5th to get wet

It's just not worth it to me to deal with the crowds

If the conditions are epic I have been know to resort to a pre-dawn surgical strike to well known locations and then exit the beach just as the hordes are invading the beach.

Whatever your pleasure, indulge!

I will be watching Le Tour,

enjoy the weekend!


Surfsister said…
I, too, will only do a stealth session at dawn on these major holidays. Since the conditions aren't looking so great—what's up with all of this wind?—I'll probably wait until the 5th as well.

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