The future of surfing mats

Scott Kurth on his Neumatic at Matland. Photo by Ken McKnight

For some reason I have been pondering this lately

Lots of changes going on,

Paul has his new Fourth Gear Tracker Roundtail

Dale is always cooking up something new

Still waiting to see how Mark's new mats turn out.

But I wonder,

are we still at the very beginning of the Golden Age of Matting

or well along the path at this point?

I suppose it doesn't matter.

But still,

What will mat riding be like in 50 years?

A platform for commercial advantage?

A springboard to evolutionary advancement?

Or just super fun to ride?

I guess we'll have to wait to see.

PS There is some new mat footage from Musica Surfica over at Cabinessence RORER 714

PPS The young lady in the photo above is my hero.
Every go out, my goal is to have this much fun.
On the good days I do.


Ramsnake said…
Geez, I wonder where that footage came from?
I think we could be on the verge of the "Golden Era". We have to work hard at keeping the sense of community though. The last thing on earth we want is for mat riding to become "serious".

Gaz said…
It's been 45 years since I graduated from getting a lift from my Pops as he bodysurfed into waves to the next step "Li-Lo's" big rubber air mats.

Now Surftwin's kid is matting and I have a need to paddle the thing into some dredgers down the beach!!!

Mats are some stoke material for sure...... :-)
Hi, Bruce, Thanks for your great post and links to Dale, Mark and Paul's sites. All stoking!
Many waves to you! Aloha, Cher and Steve

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