Things you need this summer

This may be somewhat different from what you might expect but if you stay on the bus we will arrive at our destination safely.

If you are a Dr. Who fan you will, of course recognize this as a Dalek!
No that's not right but the resemblance is remarkable. A real Dalek below for your comparison.

The object in the top photo is a compost barrel.

You put your various garden "scraps" in the barrel and they turn into beautiful mulch.
No need to buy plastic trash bags to fill and no need to bury more trash in some land fill.

Is it really that easy Prana?

Yes it's really that easy.

(BTW that alien being in the right of the photo is my trusty gardening assistant Ambie. Nothing happens in the garden without her supervision and approval, just so you know)

Not all compost bins resemble Daleks so if the shock of coming around the corner and seeing space invaders in your garden is entirely too off putting simply get one in another configuration.

Next on the list of must haves is the following

The tool above is my beloved Felco #2.  
Sonnets have been written about this garden tool, and for good reason. There is nothing quite so satisfying as using a quality hand tool. You may only need one in a life time so get a Felco and not one of the imitations!

(BTW I don't actually garden at night like this photo suggests. Although it would explain the look of the shrubbery after a good pruning) 

So at this time of year these two item will see a lot of action so I won't add anything more to the list right now.

Surf Report (without having looked) Heavy marine layer, south wind, waining SE swell, low tide.
Looked about the internet for a picture of cold blown out surf and couldn't find one that quite fit the bill.

Here is what it doesn't look like


Anonymous said…
Hey bro

I'm looking for mass-produced knock-offs of the Felco #2.

They say that Felco Pruners Will Change Your Life. But.........


$50.00+ for a real Felco #2 ????

Aren't there cheap models endorsed by an aged world-famous gardener? Buy two and get a third pruner for free? Plus fast, free shipping to anywhere in the world?
Worm said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Worm said…
1. the clippers are worth it.

2. do you know where i can get a better assistant because all mine does is eat the strawberries
chris said…
I agree, Felco's are worth the price. I've harvested thousands of thick sunflower stems with my Felco #2's. I wouldn't buy any other type of pruner.

But I also wouldn't buy the model with the rotating handle. Had one once, and didn't like it at all.

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