World Wide Mat Tour


An over 50 Association of Mat Surfing Professionals (O50AMSP)

With major sponsorship by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

The mat tour would travel the world surfing all the major waves.

Additional sponsorship from,
Aspercreme (who come up with a water resistant version just for matters),
Rogain (a sunburn on top of your head is so painful!),
Sloan's Liniment (for all those trips paddling back out to the point),
Viagra (cause there will be mat groupies won't there?)

Even more minor sponsorships by,
Beano (anti gas pills and using gas assist during a heat is illegal),
Maalox (for that queasy feeling in your stomach before a heat or any time really),
Denture Adhesive manufacturer (if you have ever lost a set at sea they can be expensive to replace),
there is even rumors of an adult diaper manufacturer tossing around money,
and of course
QuickSilver Silver Edition.

Contests would start around noon because no one can get up early enough to make a 7 am heat and everything has to be finished by 3pm so we can all make the 4pm "Early Bird Special" at the local all you can eat buffet.

Tales of after hours parties and revelry would have to be pure fiction written by any surviving members of the San Clemente Mafia.

I don't think so
No commercial potential

On the other hand,
If it does work out
I reserve the rights
to start "Mat Surfer"
then sell the mag to a Big Media Conglomerate
and move to Maui.


Will we eventually end up with professional soul matters a la Rasta? If so, I bagsie that one. Just like now but being paid by a multi-national to be a hippie suits me (how's that for irony)!


Brine Time said…
what will happen on that tour will stay on tour as none of us will recall what happened an hour ago.
I'm in - I expect a gov't arts grant to doco the tall tales of "back in the day"!

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