Surf Check

Photo by Steve Conti

Coming to a full and complete stop
I start to rummage thru my dashboard
Looking for
I need to clean this car out someday

My hands foraging thru the flotsam and jetsam like a rodent on patrol
A faded old map folded into a post apocalyptic Origami animal of some kind
Some empty matchbooks, bits of twine, tin foil, a minor collection of sand toys
The cool sea shell (is that tar on it?)
The bumper sticker I never attached
McGovern in ’72?
I really need to clean this car out

Some crinkling sounds coming from the
Fast food wrappers
Did that just move?
Some pristine McDonald’s fries
I haven’t eaten there in ten years
How do they do that?


My state park pass!

Good morning Mr. Ranger Lady Sir
It’s time to check the surf
Now where is my coffee?


pranaglider said…
Surf Report
Could the surf get ANY SMALLER
and WINDIER????

Down so low there is only UP
from here.

There's talk of a Hurricane swell

So do you feel lucky?

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