I can't decide which one would you pick?

Trying to decide between these two shots
more or less randomly chosen from the net

Photo One

I'm thinking early morning, light off shores, no one else out, possibly a walk in from the closest road. 
Looks a little cold, but hey with a decent wetsuit cold is ok. It's not cold it's BRISK! Definite cover up possibilities. Definite possibility you might not see anyone else all day. 

Photo Two

Mid morning, looks warmer, that shoulder looks like it goes on forever.  You could really take the mat thru the gears on that one.  Maybe do that sliding sideways thing I like to do. After a few, the groms from the beach take over and I paddle in to the parking lot, the showers and a quick drive home to continue the hunt for a job.

I think I'm going for ...


warm jet said…
a way more mind bending shot with a lot of mind surfing possibilities.
very beautiful.
Brine Time said…
as a slack old timer and incurable camera nerd, i'm shooting the talent on #1 but surfing the beautiful glass of #2. Is that a win/win?
Quiver said…
In a frothing, waves starved voice I say BOTH!

okay, i've calmed down.
I'll board surf #1 in the morning (mats + offshore winds = lost mat?), grab a bite and a nap before going sans wet wetsuit for #2 warm afternoon small wave mat surfing.
jason hall said…
my guess is shot #2 is a tanker wave in Texas? Those depth poles, I've seemed to remember in the gulf.
jason hall said…
A found the right hander..and yea..Texas


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