On Any Sunday

If you haven't seen it, On Any Sunday is another masterpiece by Bruce Brown.

This time Bruce turns his lens, his considerable story telling skills and his sense of humor to several of the many facets of motorcycling.

A guaranteed hit with the whole family even those who may not eat spokes and gears for breakfast

Here is another clip. In OAS you get a glimpse of trails champion Malcolm Smith. His edge and weight control, the effortless use of subtle motion makes me wonder how he would do on a mat.

Fun for the whole family!


Growling Gecko said…
One of my favourite all-time films. I was a founder member of the West Australian BMW Motorcycle Club back in the 70's and when I gave up riding on the road took up Trials riding for 2 or 3 years. A fantastic challenge and great fun! Just like matting!
Growling Gecko said…
Oh and this is what they can do on a Trials bike nowadays. Many times world champion Toni Bou doing his thing!

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