Sea of Darkness

This gritty documentary tells the compelling story of early surf explorer Mike Boyum and the tangled web of drug trafficking and hair-raising adventure that characterised his travels.

Directed by Mike Oblowitz, Sea of Darkness has already taken out the New York Surf Film Festival and has been wowing audiences around the world. It also recently screened at X-Dance, as part of the Sundance Film Festival.

Boyum has been a shadowy legend of surfing folklore for years but Sea of Darkness uncovers his intriguing story in vivid detail. From the early days of pioneering the famed wave of Grajagan in Indonesia, Boyum’s tale grows ever darker and more twisted. The central theme is the extreme lengths Boyum and others went to in order to fund their surfing lifestyles. At the core of the film is the fork in the road many surfers of this generation arrived at - whether to go down the dark road of drugs and crime to support their travels, or whether to go into legitimate businesses.

"Sea of Darkness" has won the Best Feature Film Award at the inaugural Yallingup Surfilm Festival

Here is another trailer, slightly longer


Anonymous said…
I thought it was very thought provoking. One suggestion, Aussie and American English are different enough nowadays that the movie needs (English) subtitles or closed-captioning to be fully understood - especially the interviews with Jeff Chitty.

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