lo-tech* hi-JOY - Dolphin Surfing

As a was taking my morning constitutional, surfing thru the internet

I came across a great new blog

lo-tech* hi-JOY  is centered around handplanes, surfmats and alaia's.

That's always good stuff so check 'em out!

While perusing  lt*hj I came across the snap at the top of the post.

The photo by Tim McKenna is from his website Dolphin Surfing

I really love this perspective in a body surf shot.

I should mention that he sells these shots along with others thru his website.

Make sure you stop to read the piece by Jack McCoy on the Dolphin Surfing page.

His body of work is really amazing!

(PS Hyper links are the crack cocaine of the internet.  I really need to get to work getting to work)


pranaglider said…
Tuesdays surf report,
less wind
less surf
high tide 7:58am
rumors things may pickup later on in the week

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