Omnem dimittite spem, o vos intrantes

FLASH! - This just in from the Long Beach Press Telegram

LONG BEACH - The City Council approved funding an extensive four-year breakwater feasibility study Tuesday night, moving the city a step closer to a possible reconfiguration of the rock seawall.

Read more here about plans to allow surf back into Long Beach!

I have been stopping by the Frog House in Newport Beach as far back as I remember
(ok that's not too far but TK has had the shop open for decades)

And every so often they repaint the mural on the parking lot side of the wall.
(another in a series of post apocalyptic surf themes)

I like the Frog House because it's a real surf shop.
Not a sport action retailer with a few boards as props.

There is a vast collection of new and used boards.
A used fin barrel to replace a lost flipper
and a rack of  kneeboards!
How many shops have a rack of kneeboards?

Of course you can get a bar of wax, trunks, tee shirts, wetsuits and all the usual stuff as well.

The Frog Shop may be the only real surf shop left in the surfing epicenter that is the Huntington / Newport Beach / Costa Mesa areas. (There are a few others, to be fair) Which is really sad in that surf shops used to have incredible local characters.  Today surf shops are clothing stores that specialize in the "southern-california-active-sports-life-style" and are staffed by smiling clones that while very competent in the "rag trade" have never ridden a board that didn't have three fins and don't own a pair of swim fins. OK official end of rant.

Warning, depending on the mood of the staff, the time honored practice of grom abuse is still  practiced at the Frog Shop, said practice may also be extended to tourists, regular customers and passers by as well.  

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

(but don't miss it)

PS Sorry quick post today.  Rumored to be a SE swell and I have to hurry down to the secret spot!


pranaglider said…
Surf report - once again
small surf
wind conditions

Will it never end?!?!?
6ftnperfect said…
word ver is muzhfult

which is code for M*therF*cker! when will there be surf?!?!?!?

"don't even own a pair of fins"- classic!

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