Things I hate / love about the long weekend

Having just survived another Memorial Day weekend,
I thought I would share with you some thoughts on long weekends.
(btw, if anyone ever walks up to you an starts a conversation with "I want to share with you" turning an running would be the only appropriate response.)

Number One - The Traffic! My God where did all these people come from!!
(after all these years I don't go out on the major holidays, I load up at the store on Thursday or Friday go home and lock the doors. Now a days, this is called "cocooning". Yuppies stay at home and play with all the toys these bought on credit and "cocoon". I just call it hiding until the worst is over.

Number Two - The Beach crowd! My God where did all these people come from!!
(obviously this is a corollary to the Number One above. My solution is the same, Just Say No! (I knew that slogan would come in handy sometime))   I mean really! Should surfing a few small ones in the shore break be
a full contact sport as you attempt to weave your way thru a forest of clueless bathers? If the long weekend coincides with a decent swell you spend the whole time pulling tourists out of the riptide. No, thank you very much.

Number Three - South Winds - Where did all this wind come from!
The south winds that accompany the Spring weather changes are enough to turn a possible surf day into a pass. Enough already! If the wind has to blow let it be from the east, in a generally off shore direction.

The Good Stuff-

Number One - South Swells
ahh south swells are good! Why do you think everyone calls them swell?  They come in all sizes from micro ankle slappers to  "thunder from down under", XXL, oh my God size.  Pretty much a religion amongst surfers in the SoCal region.  To wit, on one of the appropriately colored black and blue duck feet I bought used is one word "South".  I believe the fin was used in some pagan rite to welcome the south swells back to these shores.  Good Mana
Number Two - More Daylight
No more darkness at 6:30pm. Can you say glass off? Actually just a rumor, more of a urban legend, it never really happens so don't bother going down to check it.


Glassics said…
Being lucky enough to be self employed and live at the beach; Unless the surf is epic, I leave the holidays and summer weekends to those who are not as fortunate.
I do wish they'd learn to pick up after themselves.........

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