Sea Bats

Ripped off one of Kaser's photos from this morning.

It was foggy...

Else where on the net

(Thanks to JayB - ndslibrarian)

Cycle Zombies

I do my best to support zombies, no matter their orientation or mode of transport.

You have to admit the slow walking with outstretched arms thing was getting old, and was pretty easy to out run, so the cycle thing makes total sense!

So anyway Hurley of surf wear fame has got something going this weekend with the CZ's

Je suis fini!

That's it for this week.

No surf mat riders gathering this weekend,

the waiting period is extended,

the search continues

One more thing

I forgot to mention

the Kind Lines art show and auction benefiting Surf Aid International

OK now I'm done


Unknown said…
where the heck is the 'right click protect' setting on this thing?
pranaglider said…
You are going to LOVE the whole line of surf wear I'm putting out emblazon with your photos!
Unknown said…
John said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Love the photo and narrative. . .

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