Labor Day

Since it's Labor Day

I have no intention of working

even if I had a job.

Here are some interesting pictures I've seen around the net lately

Photo from Surfer's Path email

Great shot of what used to be known as a "Pole Set"

Uluwatu photo from "A Hull New World / Pizza Time" blog

I was there in 74. The wave is the same but we had to walk thru a farmers field to the cave and descend a rather rickety ladder. I understand it's changed.

This last one is another emailed photo. This time from Wetsand.
Photo by Jim Martin.

I would like to thank them for reminding me that there are other seasons than summer.

Just like last night reminded me there were temperatures other than hot.

Enjoy the day!

PS - Mat-A-Palooza still on hold waiting for surf.
Moonlight Beach has been tossed out a possibility.
I've never surfed there but the setup looks fun.
Any thoughts?


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