/*23 Breaths: Fall*/

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Fall Equinox is today

I have been heralding its coming for weeks now
Every time I do
it gets more summer like

It's made me stop and think
when is fall?

Someone said that fall
is when you have to start wearing socks again

Clay Fin says it's fall because the Halloween decorations are out

the socks thing
is good
but varies
person to person
place to place

Halloween is a just another
of honorable
Pagan traditions
(but I love those little candies)

So I have to conclude it's Fall
when the winds start,
the Santa Ana winds
the Diablo winds
the Off Shore winds!

In SoCal
the general weather patterns change
and large areas of high pressure
sit and spin
hundreds of miles

We are at the bottom of the rotation and the winds
rush off shore

Why this makes some fool start a fire
I'll never know
But once they start
No one can stop them

Full moon

Fire in the canyon

All night long

The efforts are strictly aimed at preserving
life and property

and it puts me in a sort of quandary,
I like what the winds do to the surf
but I hate what they do to anything in the path of the flames

Autumn breezes

grooming wind swell

burn down the house

My car is covered

with the ashes

of neighbors hopes and dreams

So not to close on too much of a bummer

If the decorations are up
and you are wearing socks
doing your fall rituals
and its smoky outside
it's fall


6ftnperfect said...

It was as foggy as June Gloom this morning, perhaps we've both missed the prediction by a long shot. OK with me, I love summer.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

'Enjoy your poetic words and photos that welcome our Fall season. We were treated to cooler, refreshing water yesterday morning, with a fun mixed swell combo. Brisk, but wonderful. Feels like Fall. . .

6ftnperfect said...

what is up with the mat pow-wow?

pranaglider said...

Thank you both for your comments

Still waiting for some surf over 3ft somewhere in socal to have the mat -merge.

andrew said...

Tom is in town end of this month. I have Saturday a.m. open. Any swell on the horizon?