Monday Monday Flex Fins

I may have mentioned that I don't surf much on the weekends

Several reasons for that

I get to surf during the week so it seems a little piggy to surf the weekends too,

considering that Sat and Sun are the whole surf week for a lot of people.

Then there are the crowds of previously mentioned folks out to get their waves.

So when Monday rolls around, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how many great waves I've missed over the last several days.

in my mind
its always better
when I'm not there

You know it's bad when the croissants I make for the kids are starting to look like flex fins!

Whilst still on the topic of flex fins,

For the record, I did not "thumb test" any of the fins above.


pranaglider said…
Now for a surf note totally based in reality.

Scored a used DF fin in the Frog Shoppe used fin barrel the other day, in the traditional black and blue colors!
Tried it out and it works great in all it's broken in goodness!
I hope to complete my set of XL's soon.
cool . . . but do they taste better than they ride, lol. thanks for sharing. looking forward to the matt sessions to come.
6ftnperfect said…
nice patina on that cookie sheet

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