Tsunami Advisory

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

I haven't been in the water since Saturday's session with Jonathan.

Which is OK as most of my "free time" is spoken for with miscellaneous projects.

But I have been watching the PBS special

Good stuff

Reminds me that I should reread my John Muir.

I picked up this volume a while back and it's got everything.
The story of his boyhood and life before he came west,
his many inventions etc.

All that background makes the Yosemite and Sierra writings that much better.
Muir has a personal style that is religious in it's fervor when he talks about the natural world and his beloved Yosemite in particular.

If you are looking for an interesting book on big trees.

Take a gander at

The Wild Trees by Richard Preston

The author gets involved with scientists who are climbing the largest trees to study the little worlds that are completely contained in the tops of the worlds largest living things.

More interesting that I make it sound.

I need to reread this one again too.

Meanwhile back on the net

Stumbled across this body surfing site:

A small blog but good photographs and links to other body surfing sites and a list of books on body surfing. Which is something you don't see everyday. The current post contains a Vimeo clip from a cam mounted on a hand board.

I find the weirdest stuff when looking for pictures to go with my blog posts!

PS - Just a blog note. I did a little more "mash up" than usual with the inclusion of the Muir book. Let me know if it causes problems for you.


pranaglider said…
Q - Isn't this a surf blog?

A - Sometimes. Offshore is still due tomorrow. But it's looking clear and high preasurey right now
Anonymous said…
one of my best friend's son lives on samoa and was their national champ 3 or 4 years ago....his name is john long and he worked at salani surf resort before going out on his own...
he just lost his eldest daughter in the tsunami and his younger daughter is hospitalized with head trauma, the prognosis bleak..

ISN'T THIS A SURF BLOG? .how trite

hope you don't have to ever fly halfway around the globe to bury your grandchildren...

jim dunlop
pranaglider said…

First, I would like to extend my condolences to everyone effected by the earthquakes and tsunami's in both Samoa and Indonesia.

I was not trying to trivialize the tragedy.

People read my blog for surf related content affecting the southern California region and I spent most of the post talking about a TV show and a book I enjoyed both of which deal with non surf related topics.

No disrespect intended.


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