Monday Monday

Just to break things up.
I am did a post on my other long neglected blog
"Frequent Rip Currents" showing how I bake bread.
Mildly amusing and riddled with puns and inside jokes

On a different note:

Do you think Charles Manson is sitting in jail with the new Beatles box set listening to Helter Skelter thinking to himself,

"Oh, that's what they said. Never mind then. I think I should have joined the Peace Corps"

Yea neither do I.

Lots to talk about this morning.

Events I missed last week:

ASR 09 -
I'm not "in the industry" but parts of it would have been interesting.

Festiva Organicus gathering -
I think this would have been a blast.

Surf Indian shop opening in PB -
I know I don't fit the demographic but I do like to look at the boards and check out the art.

The Sacred Craft - Tribute to the Master Shape Off -
Really would have liked to check this stuff out.

Quite the quiver there.

If you are into it I'll post pictures and let you vote on your favorite.

(Let me know in the comments)

Things I will be missing this week include:


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