Webby Linky Surfy Surfy

I haven't done any new webby linky surfy surfy lately so,

Here's a nice green one by the multi - talented Josh Berry,

Environmentalist - Green Surfing

This week he posts an interview with Kelly Slater.

Kelly says " he wants to shape and ride a surfboard that's almost hollow, with a super thin deck into which he steps: a highly flexible watercraft through which he would actually feel the wave rushing beneath his feet, changing shape as the wave forms and pressing back into it with his toes and heels. "

Could someone get mister Slater a surf mat?

Thank you

(can you imagine what he would do with one?!)

If you like your websites to come with a side order of deep space try

A good site, lots goin' on, definitely not CNN

Last for today,

but certainly not least,

(well yes, as it turns out, least)

(pun, you'll get it in a minute)

is a site by the Sea and Sage Audubon Society

In case you ever wondered how things were going

on the other side of the fence.

(The Snowy Plover Project is the name of my new rock band)

PS One more thing,

Response for a matter gathering this Saturday has been under whelming.

Unless there is a flurry of last minute emails I'll extend the waiting period.

(save myself the drive, the aggravation and the gas)


pranaglider said…
Blogger had it's way with todays post.
I had to edit the raw html and so all the text / links should show up now.

Such a fun thing to do while the sun rises!
Anonymous said…
There is no mention of a Matt meeting anywhere on this blog???
pranaglider said…
Anon, Mat-a-plaooza Aug 31

or were you trying to find someone named Matt?

Either way it's on hold until we get waves on a weekend

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