Today's post will be more disjointed than usual

just so you know.

I has come to my attention that September is

Not sure which "Nation"

Don't care

Everyone breath mindfully

and think about ourselves as international citizens.

From the OMG file

Two shots of Tim Burnham surfing the Wedge during last months big swell

Found the shots over at Hippy Tree.

So thanks to them for posting

Not sure who the photographer is

Tim has an online apparel store called AntiApparel


There is a new UK based Mat forum - UK Mat Surfers

So stop by, sign up and save the link

From the WOW file

I think he is crazy

I would have it scanned then keep it in a nitrogen filled vault along with the

mostly cause we hold these truths to be self evident,

the thing is too cool to part with.

But if you look at what he is keeping in his quiver it makes sense.

Sort of

I hope someone with a ton of cash buys it and donates it to the

Surf Heritage Foundation for the tax write-off

The SHF is where truly great boards go to be ogled at by freaks like myself.

Speaking of the SHF, did you know they do Friday night surf movies?

Nether did I

I wish I lived closer,

or had more gas in the tank

If you do or you do check out the website for details.

I always liked the guitar work on the first few bars of this one

So they digitized everything,
remixed it all
and will sell you the catalog

If they could make it 1969 again
I'd be the first in line.

Mat-A-Palooza watch day 200 -

If next Tuesday was Saturday I'd say lets all go surf Trestles
or Cottons maybe

Since WaveWatch is calling for a varied 1 foot plus swells
to wedge into an occasional sub three footer

I'm thinking of holding off until later

But let me know what you think

as I am frequently wrong about these things



Anonymous said…
seems like the usual dis-jointedness to me
Surfsister said…

Let's be like The Eddie and wait to see what transpires in the water.
pranaglider said…

That's the plan.

Wait for something good to share.

I haven't been in the water for a while and I need to go for a dip.
Tom Threinen said…
Such a beautiful fish. But let someone selfishly hang it on his own wall. Or even ride it! Surfing Heritage Foundation has a cool Lis fish in their collection. I rode it in some great waves back in the day. See it at:

Tom T
andrew said…
yeah tom, really mixed feelings but I decided not to be ruled by my things. I'm a surfer, not a collector.

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