Tiny Homes

I’ve mentioned Lloyd Kahn in multiple posts and flat out ripped off his content more than once.  Lloyd’s the editor and chief over at Shelter Publications after being the shelter editor at the Whole Earth Catalog.  Their latest release “Tiny Homes” has rocketed up the charts at Amazon since its release.

Tiny Homes may be the quintessential topic for our current times.  “The Troubles” as they are known internationally and “The Great Recession” as it is known in the US has meant a tremendous downsizing for many, a cautious attention to finances for most and a “we’re in the money” approach for those in the 1%. 

People are beginning to sober up from the wild spending habits of the real estate bubble when houses and off site personal storage had to expand to accommodate all the stuff we were accumulating. So what does that mean to surfmatters?  Stuff (ie. surfboards) takes up a lot of space.  My personal rafters are full out in the garage and I hardly even bother to stand up any more.  For someone entering into the surf culture at the current point in the timeline a wetsuit, a couple of mats and a pair of fins fits nicely in a duffel bag.

Less is more.

Stoke doesn’t take up any space at all!

A tiny home fits nicely with the current as well as the ancient wisdom.

“The family airlooms can’t come in through the front gate”

Check it out a shift to quality over quanity may be just the ticket.


Piskian said…
You don't see roofracks on a hearse.
Whatever happened to geodesic domes?Buckminster Fuller and all that?
I fancy one,then when I want to migrate I can flip it upside-down,and hey presto!A coracle.
pranaglider said…
Piskian - No racks on a hearse because the boards fit fine inside! The Geo Domes were good but it was hard to divide up the area under the dome into separate rooms. Re the coracle, Brilliant! Paddle on

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