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Thank you so much the response has been great!

Please continue to contribute via the links, healthcare is so expensive when you are paying the whole thing out of pocket.

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If any of you have broken a bone before you may recognize the the problem here right off.

The Fibula is a stick-like bone that can be found toward the outside of the lower leg. It articulates with the Tibia at both ends and acts as a stabilizer for the ankle joint.

Surfsister's has taken a bit of a detour not unlike the North American plate and it's constant battle with the Great Pacific Plate.

But I don't want to glaze your eyes over with talk of bones and plates.

Here is the deal.

SurfSister, which you all know as a better person than most you find roaming the shore these days, has had the misfortune to to break her fibula here in the USA where if you need healthcare you had better be covered or you are out-of-luck.  

Well she has but she may not be.

Josh over at Surfmeisters came up with a way for everyone (and I mean you by the way) to kick in a few bucks. It's easy, it's quick and the good karma alone will virtually guarantee you the best set waves on you next go out.  

Donate here


Josh Aggars said…
Thanks for spreading the word Bruce. I'm amazed how much we've raised so far but still more to go for this lovely lady. It speaks volumes of the good people that make up the surf community.

=) I have spread the word via FB..and have donated too. COME ON EVERYONE WHAT BRUCE SAID!
Surfsister said…
My goodness. We just need to make a run to Costco for Kleenex. You guys have had me crying all weekend!!

Thanks, Bruce!
Posted here too:



Thanks Bruce!
Warm Aloha, Cher and Steve

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