The opening for the Hydrodynamica show Remember the Future is this Saturday from 4-10 at the Space 4 Art and Loft 9 Gallery in San Diego.

Photo by Ryan Field

"The exhibition will feature original Simmons planing hulls and other objects he made, including the boomerangs he used for experimentation. Boards from Ekstrom, Lis, and Nicholas Mirandon will also be exhibited, along with photographs and short film clips."

What could possibly be cooler than that?

All the details are at the Hydrodynamica blog


Anonymous said…
Oh, man I love your blog! What a small world ... how did I find it? via Australia ... which led me right back home to Leucadia, Ed Lewis handplanes ... he's a friend of my ex-bro-in-law, J.T. Turbeville who used to shape boards out of Leucadia ... but I've been reading Lloyd's blog for 2 years on Tiny Houses, and here you come again, full circle! So why 23 breaths? Why that number?! Thanks for all the cool stuff ... going to the art opening tomorrow ... did you go to Huntington today? P.S. George Greenough is my hero ... got his sticker on my bumper

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