Harrumph on a Wednesday

It rained
(less than a inch counting both storms)

now the winds start up again
and it's in the high 70's
for the foreseeable future

Who's running this winter anyway?

I suppose it's better than having to break thru
the ice on the well
to get some water for my morning tea

But at least there's surf
several overlapping NW swells in fact

Most of the serious runoff has been
neutralized by now

So have a go!

All I've Found (George Greenough) - Sea Movies from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

A sweet bit of video from George Greenough for your viewing pleasure this morning. If you look closely you'll notice the fins on the long boards of the era went from the wooden "D fins" to fish inspired glass "Greenough fins" by the end of the clip. Off course George had been riding Velo for a while by then but the change in fins marked a serious fork in the road for stand up surfboards. In a couple of years boards would be half as long and surfers would be free to surf anywhere on the wave face. It was a great time.

Lloyd Kahn over at Lloyd's Blog  gave me a shout out after I had mentioned his new book Tiny Homes

My hit counter was huffing and puffing all day trying to keep up with all the new readers.

If you are a first timer, "Welcome to 23B!" although this is a surf blog I go on a bit about a lot of things and if you dip into the archives or make this a daily stop I'm sure you will find something interesting, amusing or weird enough to keep you entertained.

Enjoy the day


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