New Year’s resolutions

I have never believed much in the New Year’s resolutions.

Often times they are just ideas that sounded really good when drunk on New Year’s Eve.
I’ll do 100 sit ups before bed every night!
They just don’t work out in the long run (or short run for that matter).

Which is not to say that aren’t things that could use changing.

But the quit-smoking-drinking-lose-25-pounds-and-stop-eating-big-macs is just fodder for the health club industry.
Most new memberships are sold in January which coincidentally is the last time most people visit the gym.

I also believe that some self reflection is a good thing.
It just tends to be less effective when done at 11:45 pm on December 31 when you are half way thru a bottle.

So what would make a good New Years resolution?

My New Years resolution is to not consume my body weight in peanut M&M’s this year. Again.

A good resolution but paradoxically a bad one.

Resolutions that require some physical makeover at the molecular level are difficult to initiate. On the plus side you are being made over at the molecular level everyday of your life. Try to guide yourself in the right direction using at least as much patience you would need to train a new puppy. Because face it you are no new puppy.

I am going to run 15 miles every day!

Another fantastic resolution but completely devoid of any connection with reality as we know it in this universe or in any infinite number of parallel universes that may concurrently exist.

Maybe a good resolution is something a bit less personal and not so core to your current physical configuration. You might as well say you are going to change you eye color. Compared to something like that starting the year with a goal of implementing the 4 R’s, (no this isn’t the setup for some pirate joke) that is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose looks downright easy.

So give that a go. If you are going to make changes be gentle with yourself, be realistic and start small.  We can meet up next year at this time and tell each other lies about how well we did.

Good Luck


"This year is gonna be a Healthier and Happier Year! I'm gonna make GOOD things happen for me and focus on my goals on my vision board and take care of myself before others!" THIS IS MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION..Along with to smile more. I notice lately that in photos where I am in the background.. I am never smiling..I always look, worried, annoyed or angry..and I am not..I am usually a very happy smiley person..but I guess if I am alone lost in my own thoughts and not chatting with someone. I must be seriously thinking about something. HA! So I am gonna stop that!
Josh Aggars said…
I totally agree and happy new year dude! My resolution is to continue drinking and having a good time and finding new good music to listen to. I'm also trying to learn a new song to play at my friends wedding for their first dance and come up with a best mans speech that knocks em dead. Those are my resolutions and it doesn't take me much beyong March!


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