It turns out that the company I work for makes running shoes
as well as other types of toys
so I thought, what the heck
my back is already messed up
why not start running?

The local running trails aren't bad either.
To say "world class" might be a bit of a stretch,
but then again maybe not
it's kind of subjective
If you like running close to the beach
even on the sand
or in local rolling hills
then this place could be
pretty good.

I won't be posting my split times
from my last training run
because I'm not training for anything
My feelings about competition in the surfing world
"competitive surfing is like competitive picnicking"
carry over nicely to the running
And besides I don't have a watch

So somehow I'll work the running into the 23B posts
Ok maybe a new blog for that stuff,
I'm making a list of blog names
but you know how it is
sometimes you want something different

I also plan to work some more bikes into the program.
"Getting ready for a triathlon" you might wonder
No definitely not.

Way too old for that
"But you are only middle aged!"
I am middle aged only if I live into my low hundreds

We live in interesting times, pay attention


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