What cha doin' on Saturday night?

This Saturday, January 21st, 6-8pm the Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery is hosting the Board Art Benefit for Surf Aid International. You are invited to meet 15 of the world’s top surfboard artists as they present for the first time their finished collective works started at Sacred Craft.

The Board Art Benefit is a project designed to bring leading artists and shapers together to create original works of art utilizing surfboards for the purpose of raising support for SurfAid International.

You probably saw most if not all of these boards being worked on at Sacred Craft come down and check out the finished product. It's times like these I would really like to see what Rick Griffin's contribution would look like.

More info here 

One more thing, I'm all about these kind of events but why isn't anyone painting up a surf mat?  I have seen the handplanes worked by artists and it was great. Just sayin' an alternative craft and maybe a matching pair of  fins would be a nice addition to the mix.


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