Couple of things to talk about here on a Tuesday. First as you all know or should know at least, the SDSFF is closing in on the event horizon and while I expect good things from the festival itself, I know that there is a metric ton of you out there making movies with GoPro's and the like so string together your cinematic bits and bytes and get your submissions in. On time. Under budget.  SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE MARCH 31ST.

Let's make sure there are some surfmat footage amongst the entries. Work with your friends, polish up your edits. Make it work people! You can't say there hasn't been swell. Who knows when you will get this chance again? Think of the people that are putting on the festival. Can you even imagine the Herculean task of cooking up all the popcorn necessary to properly evaluate all the entries?  It boggles the mind. Full details below and at the SDSFF website.

The SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL is pleased to announce a call for submissions to all independent surf filmmakers everywhere. SUBMISSION DUE MARCH 31ST. In addition, come celebrate the unique contributions San Diegans have made to the surfing community through design and invention. Come one, come all and enjoy the art of surf cinema. The inaugural SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL will be proudly presented at BIRD'S SURF SHED. MAY 11-13, 2012

I ask you what could possibly be cooler that that? What! Maybe this? Just a tad of inspiration for you.

San Diego Surf Film Festival from Gage Hingeley on Vimeo.

OK OK OK you don't have to twist my arm here is some more goodness,

Yes that's right Manufacturing Stoke will be in town as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival!

This Thursday, January 12 at 7 pm at the fabulous Muth Center and it's FREE!

Oh the rumors going around that PMK will be releasing a few waves from last Thursdays trip to Rincon before the movie are just not true. Even if he had a special magical pouch a Chumash elder traded him for an *Enjoy Handplane and a couple of copies of Manfacturing Stoke and if he had stored a few unridden set waves in that pouch he would certainly wait until the flatness of summer to release said waves. If they exist. Held in some special Chumash wave storage matrix. Which they don't. Just so we are clear. No waves before the show. Besides he told me he wouldn't lease any waves until after the show.


pranaglider said…
If you go to the show, stop and say hello. I'll be the one in the back blowing up my mat...
PMK said…
This is going to be epic.
I look forward to a couple of mat turns before the screening.
See you all in the water.

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