My dog is my teacher

So now that it’s done
The tree is stripped of it’s ornaments
The roof line is devoid of lights
What was the point of all the noise and money?

I’m glad to be back to the routine
The normal food
Not too sweet
Not too salty
Just food
Just to eat
One more day

So as I mentioned yesterday
The weather is nice (for winter anyway)
The surf is coming up (so the say)
And I am back at work
The grind
Between a rock and a hard place
The salt mines

My apologies for this commercial interruption, but it turns out that my new book is not so easy to find, and that Amazon is already out of them, so ... for those who may be interested in getting hold of a copy, here's a link that will get you there:

Thanks!  And now back to your normal programming.
Drew Kampion

I have been wearing my “running shoes” non stop
I use the quotes because I still do more walking than running
But every step is a step forward
To hurry is to win the battle but lose the war

Dog Stories -

I have given up the mindful walking practice in the house
One step one breath
 Because the dog
A herding breed
Takes it as a stalking posture
An invitation to play
And I crackup, unable to do move forward
Other than to laugh and receive the gift and instruction

Reminds me of the time
I was testing out my new meditation cushion
Sitting in my best position
Legs folded
Back straight
Head level
Counting my breaths
Hands carefully folded
In the Cosmic Mudra

The dog took one look
And placed her nose
Deeply into my folded palms
“stop this foolishness and scratch me behind my ears!”
One doesn’t argue with a budda

There are  big wave warnings for Hawaiian Islands



pranaglider said…
I'm not quite sure how Mr. Kampion takes over the blog to plug the book but it looks good!
goofykook said…
Love the verse "Trust me when I tell you..." I went outside. (Well, I will in a second.)
pranaglider said…
Dear GoofyKook - Stoked you liked it! Even more stoked you went outside!! I had a look at your blogs, good stuff!!! I will be reading them soup to nuts as soon as I get some space on the schedule.
Matt23 said…
Ive been eagerly awaiting the book and it arrived today. I opened it at page 75, which has a picture of two kids with mats and fins! Great book ;-)
pranaglider said…
Matt23 - I haven't seen it yet but a so much history there and Kampion's a fav so I would expect it to be real good. Cowabunga!

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