More mats!

Lots of news in the sports/waterSports/inflatables-but-not-pool-toys sliver of the blog-o-sphere today

It seems January is the time when everyone builds new mats.

Paul is looking for test riders for some of his new 5th gear flyers check Surfmatters for the details.

Mark is selling some new old stock before his new mats arrive with a new skin, see Krypt Surf for details.

and Grey Man's latest efforts can be seen on the UK Mat Surfs site Here  (really looking good Gman!)

If it not new mats then it's new mat sites and our own Ramsnake has build a surf mat forum called the Global Surf Mat Riders Forum.

Check it out.

Movies, images and mat articles from Ramsnake's personal collection plus the forum where you can talk about mat stuff.

So what new about 23B? SOS here I'm afraid. The running has progressed to the point of injury (in the running world that's considered progress) and a "wider incision" is apparently needed for a suspicious spot of skin removed earlier in the fall.  Not a big problem but it will probably keep me out of the water for a couple of weeks. Other than that the SoCal weather is continuing with an irritatingly warm and dry Winter and I fear we may not get much rain.  


Robin Thomson said…
Thanks for the mention Prana. I am a little concerned about this running thing! I hope it is on nice soft surfaces!
Piskian said…
Vibram fivefingers or barefoot on sand,mate!
pranaglider said…
Robin and Piskian, I am touched by your concern as I run (literally) half cocked (figuratively) into another endeavor "writing checks that my body can't cash" but I already ride a mat in a world full of standup surfers. Do you really think I should go the barefooted runner route? I can hear the neighbors now "...isn't that the guy that lives down the street? You know the one, he rides a pooltoy and runs with toe shoes, I've heard he's called Prana although I've never spoken to him in the 23 years I've lived across the street from him. His wife is nice, I wonder what she's doing with him? I understand he grows food in the dirt in the backyard..." hmmm actually when you put it that way it does sound right up my alley! I'll keep you informed.
Thanks for the props Prana.

Goes better than expected:




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