Saturday Morning Mat Movie

I hadn't seen this one before

I like it


tuskedbeast said…
Well, it gave us a POV experience of riding up on your elbows!

I was more impressed by another one I hadn't seen, the "surf mat fun" that was on the grid of suggested videos at the end. It had two guys meticulously attaching Flips fins, then taking their surf o' planes out in double overhead onshore dumping point break surges. Clumsy paddling & riding gave me the impression that it was their first time on mats. Gnarly!
Brine Time said…
so 23B are now the proud owners of GoPro, Contour or something resembling GG's rig?
pranaglider said…
TB - It was the straight forward ride to the beach aspect I liked. There is some audio too. I listened carefully several times but I wasn't able to make out. I have seen the two guys with flips video and I liked that they were real stoked.

Briney - No video here at 23B-ville I have actually given up on a new wetsuit which was going to be this season big purchase. Some years are like that. Although I like the thought of sharing video there are so many people doing that now I will probably just sit back and watch everyone else's work for now. Great stuff out there.

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