The good time change

So if there is anything I hate more than Monday's
it's a Monday after a time change
I have gone on
at length
about the
utter wrongness
the cruelty
the marginal inefficiency and
just plain aggravation
on changing my
arbitrary time
reference points  

Now you might say
"but prana
it's the good time change"
we get back
the time
last spring

But see it
from my side.
I get up for work at 5
no problem
I've been up since 3

I get up at five
and I've been up
since two

It's not helping

That and since
there is no way to
reset my

I always

** ***

In other news

bodysurfing is indeed the new black
this phase will pass quickly
 because there is no commercial potential
or Mark Cunningham would be a deity

The big SF bodysurfing contest went off over the weekend
Judging from the preliminary marketing
the organizers and contestants
weren't taking the whole thing too seriously
which is good
more fun that way.

The ASP on the other hand
which also ran a contest "Somewhere in SF" over the last week or so
obviously needs to make some changes.

Having given it the serious thought it is due I respectfully summit the following.


1 - radically simplify the whole rating system (maybe something with beads for winning a heat)
2- find someone that can add
3 - come to the obvious conclusion that competitive surfing makes as much sense as competitive picnicking.

Why not do what the magazines have been doing for a while now.
Have the biggest of the Action Sports Retailers  pony up some dough and have there 10 best contract players  (well at least the ones that are reasonably sober and not checked into rehab) perform in a roving "Expression Session". The circus that comes along with the contest can still come along. Stickers can be passed out. Surfing aficionados could argue into the night about the merits of the rodeo-clown-double-uber-flip as it relates to mortgage rates in america or whatever they are taking about "in the booth" (I turn the sound down before clicking on the link, lest I a subjected to the rap)

You just wouldn't have the points.
That undeniable total
showing without a modicum of doubt
the winner

And since no one can add

you don't have that now anyway.


pranaglider said…
Trying to make up for posting so many reruns lately with a two-fer this morning. Sadly its a combo of a crank and a rant. A crant. Enjoy
pranaglider said…
You are too kind. What Steve is doing with the pendo flex is genius! I'm just a blogger.

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