Holiday Traditions

I would post this once a week but once a year during Thanksgiving week is probably better.

Sorry about the ads in front but you know how it is.

Just in time as kitchens all over America are spinning up to fever pitch. Or maybe you are just looking thru Yelp reviews for somewhere close by.

Either way enjoy the day.

Locally we have a long standing tradition of off shore winds on T-day. Not necessarily any surf to go with it but at least some winds.

BTW, this post isn't quite as good as the one I originally wrote, the comedy, the drama, the witty repartee, the deep life changing observations about the universe. Yeah it was a good one but then I had computer issues. If I had a Mac I could say "a leopard ate my blog post" but no mac here. Just a under powered Dell without enough RAM, too small a hard drive and that crumby windows XP OS.

I will probably suspend the breath for a  couple of days during the holiday (thur-sun) or maybe not. I try not to make too many plans, they always change anyway and so I just try to go with the flow.

Something I just got in the mail,

I made a quick trip to Spain on a short vacation unfortunately i got mugged at the park of hotel where i stayed,worse of it was that my surfmat and fins were stolen at GUNPOINT leaving me mat-less right now. I swear it's was a horrible experience for me,i need help flying across the water and the authorities are not being 100% supportive even thought there is a good swell running 2-3 feet overhead! but the good thing is that i  till have my stoke. I need some cash to get on a mat back home. please let me know if you can help. I would appreciate your reply.

I checked and our friend seems to be OK nevertheless let this be a lesson to all of us to be mindful, careful and  to stay out of the park next to the hotel after dark.

Au revoir


Piskian said…
Yeah,our G was hacked.
Unusual that mail had personal details and all that.Maybe an example of ANTIMATTER?
I suggested we form a Magnificent Seven style posse and root out the varmint!Good excuse for a mattrip,too!
Happy Thanksgiving,all.If only King George III hadn't thought he was a small sapling...
Piskian said…
Oops,serves me right for trying to be a smartarse,but George III thought King Frederick of Prussia was a small tree.
Mind you,For us Cornish the "King of Prussia" was a legendary smuggler.
Anyhow,enjoy the turkey and american football stuff!
Anonymous said…
Yar... Not sure how long them Googles will take to fix it. Can't get on my own blog til they do!



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