Houston we may have a problem

My wife and I made a small dent in the quarterly "buck a bag" library book sale

Part of today's haul

Books from last time still looking for shelf space.

Books that made it to the bedroom

The man cave book shelves are overflowing


Now I am not, as yet ready to admit I have a book hoarding problem.
Winter will soon be upon us and you never know when the snow will be too deep to make it out of the house,
here in sunny southern California.

Did I mention they had videos?  Wave Warriors! Stoked I hadn't unhooked the VHS player

"Witness Martin Potter's aerial assault on Backdoor"

Hot 1985 North Shore action!

If this is all wrong

I don't want to be right

**  ***
There have been those who have mentioned that I am reminiscent of Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough at Last" in my devotion to the printed word

Did you say "buck-a-bag" book sale?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mine all Mine!

Did you say "Mat Meet"?

From now on I will be using "Henry Bemis" as my pseudonym


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