I believe in the healing power of salt water

I slept on the beach hoping it would clear my head
but my dreams were filled with images
that would have given Hieronymus Bosch pause

garden of earthly delight

I awoke to find a decent swell and a outgoing tide

I had no choice but to paddle out
and hope that 
the surf
would clear my mind

I paddled outside
and was suddenly swept out to sea
among humongous waves

My only chance was to catch a wave and try to make it back to land
fortunately I was on a mat!

snagged  one of the larger ones and surfed for hours continuously sliding toward what I hoped would be the shore and safety.

When I finally reached shore I found myself, suprisingly enough,back home in SoCal.


Piskian said…
Hope you sleep with your fins on!
Anonymous said…
A six day travel log with the payoff of a Dallas Bobby Ewing dream sequence. You have jumped the shark.

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