At the after Turkey after party last night, I met some people,

who knew some guys,
who had a friend,
who knew some people,

who knew a guy who was the guy who takes care of the plane of the King of Spain!

or something like that.

Things aren't real clear this morning, did you know they have wine in Spain?

Neither did I. But they do and it's good.

So this morning we took a plane  ride and checked out the surf

They called this place "La Reina"

everyone is way friendly here,

they laughed the whole time in the plane.

Really getting the hang of the language here.

Total immersion

I understand almost every word!

Good Stuff


Grayman said…
To be honest, Prana's spent most of his time on the beach:



Wally said…
Who left the gate open? Looks a little like Main st. Disneyland!

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