Book Shelf

Since I am out of action
I made a quick run
to that beacon
of sanity
the local lending library

I've read some Burroughs and it's always interesting stuff. A combination of intellect, crazy and chemistry. Never read NL before so it's as good a time as any

Ashamed to say I've never read Bukowski. I blame the public school system. I know I am nibbling around the edges with this "reader" but it works at the moment.

So there you have it.
A little lite reading 
to go with some 
back pain
some mild 

Dinner tonight was stuffed shells!

Surf related - Locally we are trading the high pressure and the accompanying winds (winds I didn't see no winds!) for a unmatched pair of low pressure systems set to slide into so cal thur-fri and sun-mon. Some rain from the thur-fri storm.  Oh and some guy name Kelly won another world title on a hard board with three fins. Amazing! Just imaging what he could do on a mat


mrmike said…
hope your back get better. try bukowskis post office very funney book if you can find it
pranaglider said…
so much good stuff to read! I've heard good things about post office, I'll put it on the list. Thanks!
Dr. Robert said…
happen to be (re)reading NL for the last out for the Mugwumps and don't get anywhere near to Benway.
Uncle Bill's spoken word pieces are as good as anything.."Dead City Radio" (Island Records 1990) is usually floating around Amazon and more than worth the price of admission.
Bukowski.."Erections,Ejaculations,Exhibitions,and General Tales of Ordinary Madness"..
always good for a laugh.
Best of luck.

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