Normal weather

Weather is finally the "normal" for the OC

Beautiful sunny warm days with chilly evenings

Where are my Ugg boots?

I did a run up from Newport Beach to Long Beach on Sunday.

Since I wasn't driving I had a good chance to look at the surf.

It was one of those classic fall afternoons

The weather had cleared

The sun was shinning bright

The temperatures had risen enough for me to trade my long pants and Uggs for shorts and sandals

The wind was having trouble deciding if it wanted to blow offshore or just glass off altogether

And there was swell!

I found these pictures on the internet

The waves yesterday were bigger and the tide was lower.

Good Stuff!


It occurred to me sitting and watching the rain on Saturday

The water comes down flows thru the water table

becomes part of the sun / foliage system or

flows into the ocean to be evaporated

back up into the clouds.

For a moment I realized that my whole life is just a phase of the water cycle.

or maybe I'm just a drip


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