OCCUPY Woodstock

Occupy Canada

I would understand
if you thought it was time
for a personal news black out

Where I just turn it all off
and try to
live my life
the best way
I know how

But before that happens

I get up every morning
make tea
and check CNN
to see if we are at war
other than the international
and domestic ones
we were involved in
when I went to bed

I been wondering if the OCCUPY demonstrations
will be this generations Woodstock

Without the music
or the
brown acid

But an event that becomes
the touch stone
of a generation

If years from now
of a certain age
will say
"I was there"

it is
they do

to see
Occupy Oakland

On a surf related note
Red Flag warnings this morning, which is a fire danger thing but it's because of the OFF SHORE winds we'll have for a few hours.  Not a ton of swell in the water so there is the possibility it will be blown flat.  To bad you can't bottle the stuff for use when we have a decent swell. But that said a quick study of the tide chart, the buoy readings and glance at the trees outside might get you a few hours of fall goodness. Good Luck.


Josh Aggars said…
Like the start of Young Guns when the old man is claiming to be Billy the Kid and the guy in glasses is dubious...

"Can you show me some evidence? Do you have any scars?"

"Yeah I got scars"

Then the film of our times will dive into the military industrial complex, wars that never end, fat cats getting rich off the spoils of war, bankers greasing their mits, politicians in their payroll, mainstream media selling the story, the free thinkers, beatniks and those with a social conscience being harrassed, bullied and sidelined until ultimately, one day, somehow, some people will decide to take action into their own hands, see the light and finally rid the world of the evil machinations that enslave us all and... oh hang on there's a beer commercial and I think I need to get back to work cause afterall these kids aren't going to pay their own way through college and I really must buy some more stuff to keep up with the Jones'

But gee that movie was interesting. I really must finish watching it some day soon as I think it was trying to tell me something. What's that Mr Government/Corporation of one man? Go back to sleep? Why I... OK I guess I should cause like you say so.

Yours sincerely
Josh Brainwashed Aggars

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